Jess Spoll


Documentary wedding  photographer in
New York and beyond.

If you ignored everything you've seen at weddings before and crafted your perfect day, what would it look like? You don't need to schedule a list of posed photos if that's not your ideal way to spend the day. You can hang out with your best friends and loved ones and have the day captured as it's naturally unfolding. 

You don't need to spend your wedding day posing for photos.

Photography is my favorite form of time travel. By capturing true moments of joy, longing, love, and friendship, you can transport back to the day and feel those emotions all over again. If you don't want to look back on the day and only remember how it felt to be posed for hundreds of photos, and instead you want to look at a photo of you laughing and remember exactly how elated you felt at that second, then you're in the right place.

Preserve how it felt, not just how it looked.

"Jess was kind, responsive, and helpful during the entire planning process. When the big day arrived she was a professional, fun, and calming presence. She captured all the details, big and small, and made sure to get a variety of our "must have" shots. Our wedding was almost two months ago, and I look back on our pictures almost every day. She completely nailed it!

"This is the person you want to document your day."

love notes

"I love that you can almost feel the emotions through her pictures. She really cares about the couple and making the experience personal and capturing all their candid moments of love and joy. She really made everything so seamless and stress-free, which is a HUGE blessing on a wedding day. She definitely went above and beyond her job description!"

"The day would not have been the same without her there."

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"Absolutely cannot recommend Jess enough. She is warm, friendly and captures the most incredible moments. From our engagement shoot to our actual wedding, we were blown away by the quality of the pictures that Jess takes and the emotion we still feel 1 year after the engagement pics and 3 weeks after the wedding."

"I wish we could get married again just so Jess could be the photographer."

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