relive every moment

Your wedding day will be a whirlwind of energy and emotions, and it will be uniquely YOU. You deserve a photographer that can capture your story the way it really felt, without making your day look like everyone else's.

One that will capture not just the normal wedding moments, but the moments you don’t even realize are happening.

          YOUR WAY


Transactions are for banks, and vows are for lovers. What I’m trying to say is that once you hire me, I’m invested in your relationship. Not as my clients, but as other humans. I want your day to be perfect. Not because you hired me, but because you’re trusting me and I care about you.

I like to keep it real... 

...Real serious about your experience and you having the best time ever. My goal is to build a relationship with every couple I work with. I can’t give you a great experience if we barely know each other. And don't you want to get to know the person that's going to follow you around with a camera all day at your wedding?

I've always been struck by real smiles. The ones that only come out during belly laughs or once-in-a-lifetime moments. Those smiles are how I remember people. And those are the moments I want to capture for you, so you can remember people by them too.


Ben and Lauren

We cannot recommend Jess enough. She’s an absolute treasure of a human being who is now one of our good friends, in addition to being a magnificently talented photographer. Her documentary-esque style paired with her stark contrast and beautiful, earthy colors make her work some of the most visually stunning images we have ever had the pleasure of laying our eyes on. If you’re getting married, we would absolutely, 1000% recommend Jess Spoll.”

You are a beautiful, talented, brilliant, powerful muskox.
And you deserve a photographer who makes you feel that way.