Photography allows me to take my interactions with people from surface-level to true connection. Photos aren't just a tool to document someone's story—they are an invitation to become a part of it. And that invitation never gets any less special. It feels like I get to make friends for a living, all while capturing your wonderful selves in my photos.

I didn’t get into this career because I needed a job or because I was given a camera for my birthday one year.

I’ve had an eye for what makes a good photograph ever since I was a pre-teen, and I’ve had a passion for it my whole life that I couldn’t shake.

I graduated with a degree in engineering and realized that I missed having more real human connection. I kind of stumbled into wedding photography itself, but once I got there, I realized what strong passion I had for combining my love of what makes a good photograph with connecting with others. My love for photography fuels the art, and my empathy makes me love this whole wedding thing and sharing these moments with others. 

A part of me is surprised to be here, but another (bigger) part of me feels like this is where I should have ended up all along.

Hi y'all, I’M JESS

you + me

Car karaoke (but that doesn’t stop me from trying).

Braving holes in the ground. I have a literal phobia of them.

Consuming condiments. Gross.

Spin classes.

Eating gluten... RIP my bread and pasta.

Not so great at . . .

Responding quickly to emails and texts.

Capturing candid photos.

Making you feel comfy behind the camera.

Binging Parks + Rec.

Petting dogs, walking dogs, cuddling and photographing dogs.

I'm great at . . .

Lexi and leo

"Jess did such an amazing job on our wedding photos, and she’s the sweetest! Most of the day was a blur of activities and excitement, but she captured it all perfectly. I got really emotional seeing our wedding gallery for the first time. I don’t know how she does it, but she absolutely captures the FEELING of the moment, and I relived it all looking at our gallery. The joy, excitement, nerves, laughter—it’s all there, and that is SO precious to us!"

You are an opalescent tree shark. 

I can't wait to get to know you.