I'm very comfortable shooting at new venues. If the property is large I may come early to scout out locations, but even if I can't, that's ok! Since I travel for weddings, I'm used to shooting in new places and honestly? It’s all part of the fun of my job. It sparks creativity in me and I'm able to read the light and find cool spots specifically because I’m looking at a place with fresh eyes.

What if you have never shot at our venue?

Nope, but I can recommend some fantastic videographers who are great to work with. 

Do you offer videography too?

Absolutely! I love to travel and am always on the move. It's easy for me to get anywhere in the world since I'm based in NYC, right by a huge international airport! I've got family in DC, Philly, Colorado, Nashville, and friends all over so please just ask if your wedding is outside of New York!

Do you travel outside of NYC for weddings?

After you reach out, we’ll chat about the rough schedule for your day and help you determine how many hours of photography coverage you'll need to cover all the important parts of your day. The minimum for non-elopements is 6 hours of coverage, but people generally go with 8-10 to tell the full story of their day.

How many hours of photography coverage do I need?

1,000%, yes! Though it’s not necessary, engagement sessions are great for so many reasons. They help us get to know each other in person before your wedding, helps you understand my photography style, and gets you comfy in front of my camera. It's also just a totally different vibe from your wedding and it's great to capture this part of your lives before you get married. If you’re not local, I’m happy to travel for engagement sessions.

Should we do an engagement session?

Yes! I love to see people print their photos, and albums are a great way to show the whole story of the day, a story you can keep telling for generations to come. I can work with you to select the images you want and to design an album that you'll love. 

Do you offer albums?

Having a second shooter means you get more photos and more of your day captured. With everything going on at a wedding, I can only be one place at one time. So I always recommend a second shooter for weddings if your budget allows for it. Where a second shooter really comes in handy:

- If you both want photos of the getting ready portion of the day.
- If the wedding party wants more time to hang out all together instead of taking photos.
- If you want your cocktail hour photographed (I’ll be taking your beautiful family formals!).
- Capturing your partner’s reaction while I capture you walking down the aisle
- More angles of all the moments that happen on your big day

Do we need a second shooter?

There’s literally no limit to the number of images I deliver. I edit every image that isn’t a duplicate or blurry/people blinking, etc. But every wedding day is so different. Sometimes they are jam packed with 200+ guests and others are relaxed with fewer guests. The total number depends on a lot of those factors, and especially if you have a second shooter. As an example, an 8-hour wedding with over 100 guests and a second shooter, you could expect 500-800 images. For a typical engagement session, I deliver around 100.

How many images will we receive?

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