10 Cute Indoor Date Night Ideas

Stuck at home during the coronavirus quarantine? That doesn’t mean your relationship has to feel stuck!

Not sugarcoating it – it’s discouraging to be stuck at home and not be able to go out and do the things you’re used to. But when this is all over, and life gets busier again, we’re going to think back longingly to when we had all this time to spend with our significant others. 

I wanted to share some fun ideas for how to spend this quarantine if you’re isolated with your significant other. We may not be able to go out, but there are still so many things to do inside that may even bring you two closer together. Being stuck inside forces us to get more creative, and can help to shake up your typical date night routines. 

Here are a few ideas I had to bring some more fun to your quarantine: 

1. Watch a concert from your couch 

Just because concerts and festivals are on hold for the moment doesn’t mean you have to put your love for music on hold! Tons of live concerts are being recorded from your favorite artists’ living rooms and being streamed or played back on your favorite platforms. There are some great live comedy acts and musicals on Netflix and Hulu. Use this time to find a new favorite artist, or to see your favorite musicians in their natural element. Sit back and crank up the volume!

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2. Bake something new and yummy

If you’re anything like me, you probably have about 439 of those Tasty or Delish videos saved on Facebook that you have tagged a friend or significant other in, but never actually get around to trying. Now’s your chance! Dust off your mixer and try your hand at some sweet treats. You can either make something fun for your significant other, or work together at a recipe you both love. Either way – you’ll end up sharing some sweet moments together. 

3. Treat yo’ self – together! 

Just because you’re cooped up doesn’t mean you have to let yourselves go (although I don’t blame you if you’re going on day 3 of not washing your hair…). Bust out some face masks, bath bombs, and sugar scrubs and relax with some self care. You can even hand-make scrubs and face masks if you don’t have them already laying around. Pinterest or YouTube have lots of great recipes for this!

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4. Explore new cocktail recipes

We all have that random bottle of tequila sitting around, right? Why not put it to good use? More than likely, you have a whole assortment of mixers in your kitchen that you didn’t even realize were there. Pinterest is full of cocktail concoctions or you can go to AllRecipes.com and type in your ingredients to find a recipe that fits your pantry! 

5. Dig up your old board games

Let your competitive side out with some good old-fashioned board games! Pick up a classic like Monopoly or Scrabble or try something a little more out there. My favorite is Ticket to Ride right now. Amazon and Target have TONS of options if you don’t have a big selection at home and can be delivered within just a couple of days still.

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6. Have a wine tasting night

Chances are, you probably have a few bottles of wine around the house that you’ve gotten as gifts, or that you bought and just completely forgot you had. Do a little wine tasting night! Grab a few glasses, and either taste away, or make it into a game. See who can guess the most types of wine correctly. Add extra yum by adding a homemade cheese plate to the mix! 

7. Make a pizza together

Nothing brings a couple together like trying to make your own pizza dough. Go the mess-free route with pre-made dough, or find a recipe online to try from scratch. The beauty of pizza is that there are so many ways you can make it! Try half and half with your favorite toppings, make a white pizza, or even a vodka sauce! The sky’s the limit. This is the kind of thing you probably never would have tried before, and now is the perfect time.

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8. Try yoga together 

Take this time to find some peace! Yoga can be extremely relaxing and makes for a great couple’s activity. Or it can lead to utter disaster. Whether your yoga session ends in relaxation or falling on the ground laughing, this activity can definitely lead to some great quality time together. 

9. Order a real take-out meal and have a fancy dinner

During these times it’s important to support local businesses when we can! Order a full take-out meal (appetizers, entrees, and dessert!) from your favorite neighborhood spot, and bring it home for a fancy date night. Light a few candles, turn on a restaurant playlist from Spotify (they have all kinds of these, like “Italian restaurant”, “French restaurant”, and more!), and enjoy each other’s company and your favorite meal from the comfort of your home. Bonus: alcohol is cheaper at home than at a restaurant 😉

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10. Play a video game or computer game together

Last but not least, try out some online games or a video game together! Competitive activities can really bring couples closer together, and also help to stretch your brain during this time. Whether your game of choice is Mario Kart, Animal Crossing, or just online poker, you’re sure to see new sides of your partner and have loads of fun together. 

I hope these tips spark some inspiration during these weird times! I know I’ve loved trying out new activities with my spare time, and I’m always looking for new things to do to pass the days. Make sure to comment if you end up trying any of these, or let me know if you think of anything else I should try.

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See you next time!