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How to Get Married in NYC During COVID

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Whether you were planning for a wedding that you can’t afford anymore, or you had your wedding planned for 2020 and now things are up in the air, chances are that plans have changed for you.

But while weddings as we know them have stopped, at least for the time being, that doesn’t mean you can’t get married!

Here’s the bottom line: weddings are a celebration of your new union. It’s wonderful when you can celebrate that with friends and family, and have a huge party, but instead, imagine a setting where you can still celebrate your union more intimately. I know you still want to get married right now! That’s totally possible.


Maybe it’s just you and your partner, or maybe you have a few family members and friends there with you (less than 10, for now!).

Think about what makes you happy (besides your partner). Is it live music? See if you can hire a guitarist to stand 6 ft away from your ceremony and play a wedding song.

Is it wine and charcuterie? There are plenty of shops still open — send your friend to go grab the goodies from the store.

Is it watching the sunset? Plan your intimate wedding day so that you can watch the sunset together.

Whether you just plan a quick ceremony, or you plan a full day of fun social distanced events, the sky is the limit.

There are lots of wedding vendors that are still down to help! You’ll want to have a photographer there to capture all the moments. There are florists who can put together a bouquet for you, there are officiants who will come out and officiate wherever you want your ceremony to be, there are hair and makeup artists who will still work. Send me an email if you are looking for vendor recommendations!

The day might look entirely different than you expected, but you’d be surprised what you can still pull off.


Think you need a fancy wedding venue to get married? Nah. You can have your intimate ceremony pretty much anywhere outside right now. As long as you are under 10 people, and practicing social distancing rules, any park or open space is fair game.

I would suggest Central Park, Liberty State Park (Jersey City), Dumbo (Brooklyn), or Prospect Park.

When you inquire with me, I can send recommendations and help you pick a specific location.


On April 18, 2020, Governor Cuomo signed an executive order allowing couples to get legally married online through May 18.

You can do this through Project Cupid. The conditions are that each spouse must present valid photo ID and be together in New York State during the conference. Check out their FAQs for more info.

At the time of writing this, May 13, the deadline for online licenses hasn’t yet been extended. New York state is supposed to release its stay-at-home order on May 15. I will update this article as news develops.